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Product Description

Acrylic copolymer binder based, modified by resins, excellent water insulation providing elastic isolation material.


Elastic, solid, flexible, rigid, mechanically puncture resistant, superior water impermeability when dry, developed for waterproofing.

Application Surfaces

It can be used on surfaces such as basement, wall, terrace, roof and similar needed for water isolation.


The application surface should be free from all kinds of dust, dirt and oil. Surface defects and cracks are repaired with the suitable paste and smoothed to obtain a clean, dry and solid surface. Subend is diluted with 40% ratio of water and is applied as primer. After the first coat is dry, the second coat is applied without thinning of the product. After the second coat is completely dry, the third coat is applied without thinning of the product. Ambient and surface temperature should be between + 5ºC and + 30ºC during application and product drying.