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Environment Policy

As Silkcoat Paint, in addition to producing high quality and competitive production in accordance with our general corporate philosophy, we accept that protecting the environment with the consciousness that future generation s will live in our world in accordance with legal regulations and moral rules is part of our business.

Our objective in this context;

  • To continue our understanding of producing and offering environmentally and human health firendly products in the products and services we will produce.
  • Environment Protection being the main purpose, to ensure recycling, gain back to economy, to use energy and natural resources efficiently.
  • To protect the balance based on the protection of the environment by using environmentally friendly and ecocredential inputs and raw materials.
  • To implement policies that do not harm environment in new investments and product designs and respect the necessary planning, training, seminar etc.
  • To make our employees and customers respect environment and show sensitivity to enviroment policies and interact in supporting and preventive aspects of our environment policy.

Thus, creating a synergy with the objectives and targets of the Environmental Management System and carrying it out in a sustainable way are among the objectives of our companies.