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Message From Chairman

Distinguished Silkcoat Family

Silkcoat Paint, started production in 1993 in Catalca, Istanbul continues its activities with enthusiasm in the first day it began production with Turkey’s widest range of products in this sector and export to 52 countries.

Our company, which is one of the important companies of Turkish paint industry and started to keep this flag flying with silk plaster (silk and coat) production, has established new production facilities in Uzbekistan in 2007, in Tajikistan in 2011 and in Mauritania in 2013 and created employment in those countries by choosing to meet the high demand. Afterwards, we proceed on our way with 10 domestic and foreign facilities in Malaysia, Ghana, Tanzania, Algeria, Iraq and finally Ethiopia.

As a result of our policies related to our activities abroad, we continue our surveys to establish production facility in new countries. Our surveys in Qatar and Nigeria continue and I can herald you that you will see SILKCOAT production facilities in different countries anytime soon.

Dear Friends

In addition to producing the most qualified products both at home and abroad and presenting them to our customers, it is our priority to follow the principles of the era and to place the Silkcoat quality culture.

Silkcoat Paint is decisive an determined to continue its activities with respect to environment and in accordance with laws, commercial and moral values with you precious Silkcoat Family with a great eagerness and enthusiasm.


Board Chairman of Colakoglu Group