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Product Description

An emulsion priming, supported by acrylic colopolymer based, elastic, which is able to form a high film layer.


It prevents water permeability with the film layer it forms on the surface which has the characteristics of becoming dusty, like row plaster, satin plaster etc. Cover the dirty and the dust, decreases the paint consumption by providing better sticking of last layer paintings.

Application Surfaces

Thin plaster, concrate, asbestos plate, ethernit, gas concrate, wooden, plaster, plaster plates etc.


Scartch and clean the dust, old paints, dusts, previous paintings on the surface, apply it with brush or roller as one coat by thinning %50 - %100 with water. Do not apply under 5 c.


1 Litre covers approximately 10 m2 on one coat.