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Problems and Solutions

1. Interior Surface Problems: Mold formation, condensation.

  • Insufficient ventilation
  • The waterproofing of the exterior is not good
  • The inside of the room is damp
  • The difference in temperature between the interior and exterior is very high.
  • Condensation in blind spots.

Warm the rooms sufficiently in winter. Room Temperature should not be less than 19 C. Rooms should be well ventilated. And it should be noted that the walls are not too cold. Humidity in the room should not be over 65%. The indoor and outdoor temperatures should not differ much. Antibacterial paint should be preferred on interior walls.

2. Exterior Surface Problems: Cracking

In paint film, capillaries or large cracks.

  • Application of a hard structure coating on flexible ground.
  • Switching to the second layer application before the sub-floor or first coat application dries.
  • Natural aging of oily paint when temperatures differ. Loss of elasticity of the paint film as a result of constant expansion of the shrinkage.

First of all, flexible paint on the subfloor should be scraped and the surface should be leveled with sandpaper. The underfloor must then be primed with a primer. Then the surface must be painted with high quality acrylic or silicone paint.